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B.I. Shadow @ LJ

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B.I. Shadow
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B.I. Shadow


Welcome to b_i_shadow! A community dedicated to B.I.Shadow.


☆ All posts must be in direct relation to B.I.Shadow

☆ Fanfic, sales post, and advertisements must be stated what it is in the title, and placed under an lj-cut.

☆ Only 3 or less images before an lj-cut. Images bigger than 480px in width will also need to be placed behind an lj-cut.

☆ All posts containing media download must be "friends locked".

☆ Appropriately tag your posts with the list of tags already available.

Any post that break any of the above rules will be either be warned or deleted. Moderator reserves the right to delete any post that deemed inappropriate, even if it isn't directly addressed in the rules.

Johnny's net (Japanese)
Wikipedia Page
Wikipedia Page (Japanese)
boys_paper - Scans
jrs_fanfics - Fanfics
je_icons - Icons
je_sales - Spend money

⇒ Question? Concerns? Contact the mod bwfas

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